Max Langer

Software Developer

Hi, thanks for visiting my website! My name is Max, I am a 22 year old macOS and iOS developer based in Leipzig, Europe. I am studying computer science in Dresden and due to the daily train trips there is plenty of time to spend on personal and client projects.

Current Work



Ulysses is an Apple Design Award winning, distraction-free editor for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I joined the team two years ago for an internship and returned last year as a part-time junior developer. At Ulysses we deeply care about high quality code, well-designed, easy to use user interfaces and great accessibility.



Latest is my first Open Source project. Its purpose is to show you all outdated apps on your Mac. Currently it supports apps from the Mac App Store and apps, that include the Sparkle Updater framework. It is planned to also include System Updates as well as Homebrew.

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The projects on this site are designed and written by me, often in collaboration with my clients.

Client Projects



itexia.scan is the companion app to itexia.inventory, Itexia’s feature rich inventory management system. Users can scan the barcode of an asset to create a new entry or to edit an existing one. All data is synced back to the server and stored locally for offline use. The app leverages a lot of Apple technologies to support both convenience and powerful workflows.



With QEPTR you attach videos to barcodes. Start a thread by scanning a code, e.g. from a bottle of wine and start talking. Others can comment on your thoughts about the product by creating their own video. The app is build using Swift and is based on CloudKit.



Breathe2 helps you concentrate around the day by providing breathing workouts for beginners as well as professionals. Each workout is created with a special use case in mind, whether you want to fall asleep or be focused. The app works both on the Watch and the iPhone and is integrated with the Apple Health app.

Personal Projects


Schlosshotel Klaffenbach

This is the app of the Schlosshotel in Klaffenbach. With it users can plan their next trip by booking a room, deciding on what to have for dinner by taking a look at the restaurants menu or by browsing through the list of various events held on site.



Addism, released in 2014, is my first project. This calculator for the Mac features a nice, clean and intuitive UI. The user can see the history of his calculation to make sure, that there are no mistakes! Other conveniences include undo and redo as well as the export the calculation as a nice PDF. All calculations are automatically saved and can be edited later. Addism was featured in the Mac App Store's 'Best New Apps' category.
Addism has been rewritten in Swift lately, featuring an completely new UI, with an heavy focus on animations, drag and drop and extended editing support. However this version is not yet released, as there is a lot more to do..

About Me

I grew up in a small village in central Germany. During my last school years, I taught myself how to make Mac apps. Just after I finished school, I founded Developmint together with my colleague Alex. Since then I have continuously extended my knowledge. I now work part time at Ulysses, the distraction-free writing app for the Mac, iPad and iPhone.





Educational Projects